Featured Items

Granny's will be touring the mall to bring you items of interest. Don't miss out. Stop by and check things out often to stay on top of what's new. Some other lucky customer just might beat you to it and walk off with one of the featured treasures that you've been looking for!

Click on the thumbnails below for a full size view or hover to get Dealer/Booth information.


Dlr. 102 - 1800's Oak Piano w/Stool SALE $1,575- Dealer 256 - Embellishments Dealer 55, Oak Buffet - $895- Dealer 102, Roy Rogers Clock - $4,300- Dlr. 500, West African Giraffe $8,000- Dlr. 500, Buffalo $1,500- Reproduction U.S. Mail Stagecoach Imagine sitting in this crossing the United States This stagecoach was used in many So. Cal. parades Stow your luggage? The driver's seat. Dealer 59, Hot Wheels and Matchbox Dealer 92 - McCalls Candles Dealer 213 - Bakelite Dealer 601, Angidile Scale $1,250- Dealer 601, Standard Scale $350- Dealer 57A - Tools Galore! Dlr. 70/75 (Space 70) Hummels! Dlr. 102- Italian Porcelain Mirror/Sconces $5,200- Dlr. 102 - 1865 Ithaca Calendar Clock, $2,500- Gauntlet Video Game, $750-  Dealer 102 - Mezzanine Dlr. 102 (Mezzanine)  Laurel - Hardy Pinball, $1200-  Dealer 102 - Marble top Buffets, $1,100- each  Dlr. 102 (Space 216)  Interior of one Buffet Chandelier Crystals,  Case G7 Dealer 102 - Carousel Horse, $900-  Face of Carousel Horse Dealer 475 - Grain Sacks! The Garden Section (Out back) The Garden Section (out back) The Garden Section (out back) The Garden Section (out back) The Garden Section (out back)

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